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Shenzhen QuawinTEC Technology Co., Ltd.
QuawinTEC Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional charger supplier. We can manufacture Lead Acid battery chargers (6V series, 12V series, 24V series, 36V series, and 48V series), NiMH NICD battery chargers, Lion battery charger, and Lion (LI-Po) battery packs. Established in 2002, we specialize in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of Chargers and Li-PO Battery Packs. With experienced technical staff members and strictly trained production lines, Quawin keeps expanding and growing with stable steps day by day. 
With the company philosophy of "Innovation, Practicality, Efficiency and Teamwork", we have a team of efficient personnel who are dedicated to carrying out the company's policy of "reliability, quality production, and promptness" in the delivery of goods. 
We strive for 100% customer's satisfaction through continuous improvement and now our high quality products and thoughtful services have got a good reputation from customers in the North America, South America, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions.
We highly focus on Quality Assurance and completed After-Sales Service.
Meanwhile, we mainly occupy the following advantages against competitors of the same industry:
Effective Quality Control Process
Quality from raw materials to the finished products is ensured by a comprehensive quality assurance system, which includes QC tests for incoming materials, in-process QC, finished product QC, waste product QC, inspection/measure/test QC, product logo QC, status QC, data QC, correcting & preventing process, and quality record QC.
Cost-Efficient Production
With well-regulated production lines and ISO9001 standard, everyone in our company can be allowed to have strictly training.
Promptly Delivery
Orderly raw material purchasing and supervisor system, together with reasonable and scientific production execution keep promptly in the production lines.
To keep ahead of the competition, you need a supplier who can keep up 
with your demands. 
Please contact us and let our excellent sales team to provide perfect service to you at once.


  3rd Floor, Building C, Building 1, Aike Industrial Park, Baoan 23 District, Shenzhen



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