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Factory Supply 4 Slot Plug 1.2V NiMH/NiCd 3.7V Lithium Rechargeable Battery smart Charger(QW050-020-4NL)

Model Number:QW050-020-4NL
Input voltage: DC 5V/2A (10W Max)
Output voltage :4.2 V±1/1.48 V±1
Output current :500mA*4(Max)
  • QW050-020-4NL
  • 8504401990
  • Shenzhen, China
  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
  • Exquisite kraft paper box
  • 500PCS
  • 50000 Pieces

1Quick Detail:

    Brand Name:QUAWINTEC/OEM

    Model Number:QW050-020-4NL

    Use:1.2V NiMH/NiCd and Lithium Rechargeable Battery

    Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)

    Battery charger:Automatic recognition of 1.2V and 3.7V rechargeable batteries


    Certificate:CE FCC

    Shell Material:Plastic Shell(ABS+PC)

    Input voltage: DC 5V/2A (10W Max)

    Output voltage :4.2 V±1/1.48 V±1

    Output current :500mA*4(Max)

    Dimensions: 100*77*26mm

    Weight :88g

2Compatible batteries:

    Lithium batteries:10440,14500,16500,16340(RCR123),17350,17500,...

    NiMH NiCd batteries:2/3AAA,AAA,1/3AA,2/3AA,4/5AA, AA, 2/3A,4/5A, A,.......


3、The product description:

    1) Intelligent IC Control Speed Charge Design

    2) sliding guide design, compatible with more size batteries;

    3) total output maximum current 2000Ma;

    4) 4 groups of independent channels with arbitrary plug-in, real-time monitoring of charging status

     Four separate optimal charging program, for different batteries to optimize and closely monitor the whole process to ensure that each group of battery charging optimization.

     The safety performance is greatly improved and the battery life is greatly prolonged.

    5) Micro USB 5V/2a interface input, get rid of outdoor power trouble

     Multi-source input, suitable for all kinds of mobile power, solar panels and other outdoor power supply and USB adapter input, to ensure outdoor power uninterrupted.

    6) battery activation function

     For over-discharge and storage time for too long batteries, have the activation function. When put into the battery, the battery will be detected and automatically activated, after the repair will automatically enter the normal charging mode.

    7) Reverse connection and .short-circuit protection.

      When the battery is connected Reverse or short-circuited, the corresponding LED lamp is not on

    8) made of PC fire-proof flameresistant material material

      Outdoor complex and variable charging environment

    9) Automatic Intelligent Temperature Control Protection Program

      Build real-time temperature control protection system to prevent high temperature and ensure the stability and safety of charging process.

    10) Design of safety cover with Magnetic suction function

     Prevent debris and water spatter and make the charging process safer.

    11) Positive and negative gold-plated interface


4、Product characteristics

    . Smart speed charging 4 slot USB charger;

    . Support 4 groups of different batteries mixed charging ,4 charging tanks IC independent control, do not affect each other;

    .maximum charge current up to 2000Ma.

     Compatible with and automatic identification of lithium battery/NIMH battery /NICD rechargeable batteries

    . It can automatically detect the battery power state and automatically select the most suitable voltage and charging mode

    . Compatible with small capacity batteries, automatically identify battery capacity size and select suitable charging current for charging


5、Status of LED indicator

    Red light flashing :0~50% power

    Yellow light flashing :50~75% power

    Green light flashing:75~100% power

    Green light for long flashing: complete charging


    Charger x1

    Micro USB charging cable x1


    1. this charger can only charge 3.7V cylindrical lithium ion battery and 1.2 nickel-hydrogen nickel-cadmium battery, non-chargeable lithium iron phosphate battery and one-time non-chargeable battery;

    2. Do not reuse the charger if it is hit, dropped or otherwise damaged;

    3. in order to avoid safety risks, non-professional do not unauthorized maintenance;

    4. do not use this charger in water, rain, snow or wet environment (e.g. bathroom);

    5. do not operate the charger or battery by wet hand;

    6. is only suitable for 5 V charger and does not support other charging voltages.



LCS210413054AE-FCC Report.pdf

LCS210413053AE-EMC Report.pdf